Honeycomb St Louis | Dress and Spoil the Kids for Family Photos

A dad is flying his son around like an airplane while laughing together Honeycomb St Louis

Although we love spoiling our amazing kids on shopping adventures, they don’t always enjoy staying close or in a cart. So while they love what we get them, our busy bees would rather be playing and creating. Honeycomb in St Louis has the perfect solution to this parenthood dilemma.

About Honeycomb St Louis

Co-founders Zoë Karmmerer and Angela Giancola longed to open a space to offer engaging, sustainable, and unique products for children and families to enjoy. But they knew it couldn’t be just another retail store. Instead, they envisioned a learning space with interactive play accessible to the community. So in 2019, they accomplished their goal and named it Honeycomb. Offering sustainably-made wearables and toys while still giving locals an environment that celebrates children’s creative side and reminds adults to embrace their inner child too.

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Honeycomb St Louis’ fantastic variety of quality and sustainably produced products is so vast it feels limitless when you shop online! They have everything you want and the things you didn’t know you needed.
You can find anything you might need or want for your little ones to enjoy in the baby and toys section. They also have an adorable selection of reading material and even offer a monthly subscription box to boost your child’s love for literature. Their arts and craft section has the cutest selection of artistic fun to encourage creativity and healthy expression. Honeycomb St Louis even has some luxurious, healing, and self-care items for moms and moms-to-be in their Wellness, Pregnancy, and Postpartum section!

Classes and Workshops

The fun doesn’t stop at their inclusive and mindful products. This is MORE than just a retail store. It’s a place for children and parents to interact, learn, express, grow and connect with their creativity and self. They offer regular workshops, classes, and much more in their fun and inviting space at 1641 Tower Grove Ave. St.Louis, MO 631110.

Buzz Art Workshops (3-6 years old)

Honeycomb St Louis Art workshops are led by Colleen Fitzsimmons, an arts educator with over ten years of experience creating art experiences for caregivers and children. Her classes are student-led and encourage discussion, activities to suit all learning styles, and hands-on fun for creating art.

Wobble Gym Class

Wobble Gym Class combines playful movement exercises, balance exercises, cooperation games, and more for children two years and older and adults. Sign up and get moving while bonding with your little one!

Birthday Parties/Rental Space

Have a Wobble Gym party, Art Themed party, or an open space to celebrate. Honeycomb is ready to help you be the host!

A little boy is wearing a pale yellow henley shirt and standing in front of a barn.

Honeycomb St Louis

You can have the best of both worlds of the shop and play at Honeycomb St Louis. While they have some in-store shopping, you will find most of their merchandise online. That’s because their brick-and-mortar location is all about engaging play for our busy little bees.

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