Dancing for Birth | Transform Your View of Pregnancy and Labor

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Is childbirth painful, messy, and stressful? Yes. Can it also be a blissful and powerful journey unlike anything else you’ll experience? Absolutely! Learn how to transform your pregnancy and childbirth journey from terrifying to empowering with the Dancing for Birth Birthing Method. 

About Dancing for Birth

When Dancing for Birth’s founder, Stephanie Larson, discovered that she could make labor and delivery more enjoyable than torturous, she decided to document her method to share it with other birthing parents. Larson’s unique experiences during the birth of her two children have shaped her into a fierce, energetic advocate for pregnant women’s rights, respect, and knowledge everywhere. 

NBC, CBS, ABC, and many more television stations have featured Larson! Her innovative fusion fitness class has been an inspiration to people all over the world. It has helped to create a more blissful, powerful birthing experience. Her prenatal and postpartum fitness style focuses on childbirth through movement and instinct. Larson’s background as a certified doula, childbirth educator, and mother has allowed her to funnel her creativity and passion into creating Dancing for Birth. 

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Dancing for Birth offers classes worldwide, both in person and online. Each class is taught by a certified Dancing for Birth instructor, and classes are available in a variety of languages. Every class is fun and interactive, a fantastic fusion of prenatal fitness, childbirth education, and celebration. 

Empowering and fun live classes for moms taught weekly are safe during pregnancy and postpartum. Larson teaches birthing people and their support partners that childbirth can be made shorter, easier, and even a pleasurable experience. Through her signature dance moves that are a part of the Dancing for Birth method, Larson has pioneered a holistic approach focusing on the mind, body, and spirit connection. 

Pregnant people can enjoy this method during all three trimesters of pregnancy, easing nerves about labor and delivery and nurturing both physical and emotional wellbeing before the arrival of a new bundle of joy. After your baby’s birth, you can continue to attend Dancing for Birth classes as they focus on postpartum fitness, newborn care, and a supportive community. Dance away all your worries while forming amazing friendships that can last long after pregnancy is over. 

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Specialty Classes

The Dancing for Birth method can help deal with preconceptions, pregnancy, and postpartum issues such as a breech baby, trying to conceive, planning for a VBAC, and pelvic pain during pregnancy. 

Partner Days are held about once a month. This unique class is where spouses, friends, family, adoptive parents, and surrogates can attend classes with the mom and share in the education and fun. 

Dancing for Birth supports families during the postpartum period as well. Parents are welcome to bring their babies to class, so you don’t have to worry about childcare. It is helpful to bring along a carrier or sling to hold your baby in during the class. Your little one will enjoy the movement and being close to their parent!

Dancing for Birth

The innovative Dancing for Birth Method, pioneered by founder Stephanie Larson, is a great way to enhance your pregnancy and postpartum experience. From prenatal fitness and labor preparation to boosting postpartum mental health and working on easing back into fitness after childbirth, Dancing for Birth offers something for everyone.

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