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When did you last visit a toy store? Not a toy aisle, a toy store dedicated to ageless fun and quality items? The magic of toy stores may seem like a thing of the past, but it’s not. There’s a spectacular store in Edwardsville, Illinois, that will bring nostalgic memories you can share with your friends and loved ones. Keep reading to find out more about Happy Up Inc!

About Happy Up Inc.

Happy Up Inc, formerly known as Once Upon a Toy and sister company LagoonaMagoo, was created and run by Steve St. Pierre from 1987-2005. When he was ready for a change of pace in his life, Shawntá Ray, a long-time employee, dove at the opportunity to take over. With support from her husband, Rick Harmon, they purchased the business and started their future. Unfortunately, they experienced a lot of hardship from stores initially moving and closing altogether.

After the unexpected help of their loving community, they could keep their main store going. With this second chance, they moved their location to Edwardsville, Illinois. With the move, they decided to let go of both former store names and put everything under one name, Happy Up Inc. This gave them a new beginning to grow into the unique brand of fun they are now. 

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Being big kids at heart, Happy Up Inc aims to offer toys and games for everyone! From curious babies to goofy adults, they want everyone to enjoy playtime. Not only are a selection of their toys imported from the best toy companies in the world, but they proudly carry a wide selection of toys made right here in the US. They love finding new favorites made from renewable resources to add to their shelves. Many of the toys they offer even exceed US safety standards!

Dedicated to delivering excellence, Happy Up Inc takes time to try each product as a family before making it available for purchase. They don’t just say it’s fun. They KNOW it’s fun! With toys, games, puzzles, art kits, science sets, stuffed animals, and more, the variety is so vast you will have to see it for yourself!. Also, be sure to check out their very own line of squishies and baby toys!

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Events and Customer Service

This family-owned toy store is committed to making each customer feel welcomed and valued. They provide exemplary customer service and keep the best products on the shelves to make each visit happy. The fun doesn’t stop at the shelves, though. Happy Up Inc loves getting the community together by hosting crafting events,  play days, and more fun shenanigans bound to leave everyone with a smile. So you could say this company specializes in keeping the boredom down and, well, the Happy Up!

Happy Up Inc has two locations to visit:

  • 6654 Edwardsville Crossing Dr. Suite A  in Edwardsville, IL 62025
  • 8103 Maryland Ave in St. Louis, MO 63105

Happy Up Inc

Rain or shine, keep the fun going while giving us the magic feeling only a toy store can provide. With excellent prices compared to Amazon, convenient curbside pick-up, and complimentary gift wrapping, you can’t go wrong with Happy Up Inc.

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