Why Your Husband Will Love a Lifestyle Photo Session

I hear it all the time when moms contact me for family photo sessions “I just have to get my husband on board with this.” There’s a lot of reasons why dads don’t love having family photos taken, and I think that they often get this reputation of not being a team player when it comes to photos undeservedly; it’s usually because they’ve had a bad experience or they don’t feel a part of the process. I get it! Let me tell you why a lifestyle session is nothing like they think it will be!

They’ve Had Bad Experiences from Pricing to Posing

Getting professional photos taken isn’t something that people do a lot of times in their lives until they have a family. It’s often the case that men haven’t been photographed since their high school senior photos, and some of them even before that. So, many have a dated idea of what it’s going to be like taking pictures, cheesy poses, uncomfortable clothing, and added to that worries about the kids behaving. Then, there’s the money issue. Professional photography is an investment, but probably not one they’ve made before. Being able to afford it is a legitimate concern, but perspective for them may be needed. These are photos of your irreplaceable FAMILY, and they deserve to be on your walls. And, very often, mom is the one taking a lot of the snapshots, so she’s not in the photos very often.

Before the session, we will discuss your goals for the photos. Are you looking for wall art? Gifts 
for the grandparents? I have lots of options and ideas for you! It’s my goal that you not only love these photos but display them so you can enjoy them. 

The investment of having photos of the people you love will pay off year after year. This is one of the reasons I keep my pricing easy and transparent. All collections include some or all digital photographs for printing and sharing, along with artwork credit. This way, you have heirloom albums, canvases, and other specialty products that I offer to pass down for generations to come. I work with the industry’s leading labs all over the world.

family laughing

They Don’t Know What a Lifestyle Session is Like

With a lifestyle family session, the focus is on relationships, not posing for the camera. There are no awkward or staged moments, and what I want is for them (and you!) to just relax and be yourself.
I’ll give gentle guidance when necessary, but mostly what I do during a family session is let that natural love for your family come through by being a fly on the wall, letting life happen, and capturing those moments. 

Once they feel let off the hook to “perform,” and they realize it’s about spending intentional time with their family, most dads find that these sessions are right up their alley.

Where We Take The Photos Can Matter

The great thing about lifestyle sessions is that they can be taken anywhere, but I like to find a place that is meaningful to you. For some people, that’s in their home. For others, they like to go to a place they love to spend time together as a family, like a lake or a park around the Effingham area.
Wherever it is, having the photo done in a place that has meaning to dad will always triumph stuffy photos taken in a studio!  I’m always happy to brainstorm session locations with you or tell you about some places that I have loved taking photos at, depending on what kind of look you are going for.

Let’s Plan your Lifestyle Session

It all starts with a conversation!  Message me and tell me a little bit about yourself and your family, and we can start the planning process. Sessions book two to three months in advance, so get in touch ASAP so we can get you on the calendar.

Let’s make photos that everyone loves!

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