Want More Authentic Photos of Your Kids? Try an In-Home Session

Remember back in the day when your mom would put you in a fancy outfit, and you’d go take photos at school, at the mall at JCPenney, or for the local church directory? You’d be surprised at how many people have very distinct memories of these times, most of them not very pleasant!  

“Look here, smile nice!” What does “smile nice” mean, anyway, if you’re three years old?! The photos that resulted were often not that great either; staged photos with no depth or personality…just sort of generic like everyone else’s. The same backdrops and cheesy props! Blah! I want more for my clients. I want to come into your home and document you having tickle fights on the couch, rocking your new baby, or to see life in your backyard through your toddler’s eyes. That’s why I specialize in what’s referred to as “Documentary & Lifestyle Photography” in the greater Central Illinois area.

It’s more than showing up and taking photos of your kids; it’s capturing the spirit of your family.

Why Kids Love Documentary & Lifestyle Photography Sessions

Your home is your children’s safe haven. It’s where their people are; it’s where they eat and play and sleep and love. Doesn’t it make sense that it’s where all the magic happens?

By having a family photography session at home, all of their familiar things are there, including beloved pets, toys, and familiar sights and sounds. My goal is to blend into the background of these things and let kids be, well, kids! While, of course, they will know I am there (It’s not every day that a lady with a big camera is at your house), I approach these sessions causally with a mix of gentle guidance and play to encourage interaction and fun photos. 

Kids LOVE to show off where they live and their “stuff,” and I’ve seen children who have been very shy and reluctant about being photographed blossom during at-home sessions. I just love seeing their personalities come out after they start to trust me, and the photos from the session are even more meaningful because of that trust.

Why Parents Love Documentary & Lifestyle Photography Sessions at Home

Where do I start? How about not having to get a bunch of kids ready, fed, and out the door?  How about not having to convince your husband this will be “fun?” And if you’ve just had your first baby, it’s really a modern miracle that you are awake, fed, and showered every day, much less getting out of the house with a newborn and all their gear. If someone needs a snack, or some cuddles, or an outfit change, it’s all right there. We can give the littles a break and photograph parents or other siblings if things get too overwhelming. At any point during the session, we can shift the focus (pun intended) and make it more fun for them. You don’t have to make promises, or bribes, or do anything else to prepare your family for this session. Let go of your expectations and just let them be photographed as they are right now in this season of their lives. 

We can do the lifestyle sessions anywhere in your home, and I’m happy to make suggestions while planning your upcoming session and when I arrive at your home. All you need is a room with as much natural light as possible and room to move a bit. Don’t stress out about this too much; it’s more about the connections than the backgrounds, and I’ll let you know the best locations in your home.

Authentic Family and Children’s Photography in Effingham

I think you’re going to be amazed at how deeply personal these photos will be to you in the coming years. These are photos of your heart, your family, and these seasons pass so quickly. Babies grow up, houses sell, and life looks a whole lot different in the blink of an eye.

Your kids and your family deserve to have your memories documented. I can’t wait to show you photos of your everyday moments in this season of your lives.

Contact me, and let’s plan your at-home session before any more time goes by!

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